Royal Electronic Factory Co.,Ltd.
There are several resistor manufacturers in the market, thus choosing
a Reliable partner is a challenge.
ROYALOHM has yrs. of resistor manufacturing and distribution experience.
Its adaptability to the changing times contributes to its continuous growth.

Competitive Pricing
- Best deal in Quality Resistors.

Strategic Locations
- Worldwide partners to provide immediate support.

Worldwide Product Acceptability
- Reputable companies preferred choice.

Customized Designs
- Experienced Engineers support to special applications.

OEM Capability
- Your Brand, Our Quality.

- Reliable and Dependable partner.


Note :

- Catalog/Website specifications are for general reference only. Detailed Product Specification shall take precedence & is available upon request.

- Any ohmic value within the series but never produced will be provided on a case to case basis per the condition of manufacturer. For further details kindly check with your contact person.